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Hyperspace physics for dummies!

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 • Posted July 2014

Navigation in hyperspace

There are two main dangers of hyperspace navigation:

1) You can't see a thing in there (unless you are really close), so you have no directional references.

2) You are constantly pulled by hyperspace currents (to find out more about hyperspace currents, refer to the book "Hyperspace Physics For Dummies", published back in 2170, still available at Narns and Noble).

So, in order to solve these problems, a tachyon beacon network was created by some advanced race several thousand years ago. We don't know who they were, but it dosn't mean that we can't use them. We're doing it and we're expanding the network all the time.

There are two types of hyperspace beacons: Local, which spread their signal in every direction but on very limited range, and Beam beacons, which target another beacon by sending focused tachyon beams to one another, thereby creating a linked beacon pair. These beams travel great distances but they are very narrow, and ships have to travel along these beams or risk getting lost.

Here are some tips:

1) Always check your target beam signal level. If it drops quickly, you're about to get in a lot of trouble very soon.
So start doing something right away.

2) Don't fly too fast along the beam or you might loose the signal very quickly and you won't have time to react.
You might even miss the beam's end.

3) Don't fly too slow: hyperspace currents can be very strong, and at low speed, you may not have enough speed to counteract them.

4) Don't panic. Even if you've lost the signal, it doesn't mean you're completely out of luck. Always try to remember last direction to either end of the beam and to the beam's maximum. So, gather yourself, don't rotate your craft and try to move into the direction of the beam maximum. With luck, you'll pick it up again.

5) Always remember the old saying: "Flying through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, kid".

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