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The Faithful One
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 • Posted July 2014

OK, here's the issue with getting these custom missions to work.

* NOTE: This info only applies to the player created custom missions. The OFFICIAL mission packs have their own installers and will be ready to play simply by double-clicking on the .exe file.

Most of the player created mission packs have been reformatted to fit the universal installation instructions. The missions themselves have not been changed. If you are trying to install a mission that is not been re-packaged to the universal format, use the non-formatted instructions below.



* It is best to make a backup of your IFH folder prior to installing any mission packs, just in case.

1)Download the zip file(s) for the missions you want.
2) Un-zip the files to your "IFH" folder (most likely "C:Program FilesIFH" on the PC). The files should drop into the appropriate folders. You may get a message warning you that files could be overwritten, simply click "Yes" to all.
3) Run the game, select your pilot, and choose "Simulator". Then click on the "Custom" tab. The mission should appear in the list.
4) If you are experiencing problems with playing these missions, please be sure you have the current version of IFH.[/color]



Some of these missions are just battles. Others are complete with dialog, intros, etc. As such, not all of the missions are packaged as they are supposed to be for proper 1-step installation, but I'll try to post generic directions that will work with all of them. Note that these are PC instructions. Mac instructions may vary slightly, but you should get the idea from these either way.

1) download a mission zip file.
2) unzip it to an empty folder.
3) Open the folder and look at it. Ideally you should have a folder named "Data", and possibly one named "Bin".


A. Navigate to your IFH folder (most likely "C:/Program Files/IFH"), but do not open it. So you should be in "C:/Program files" with a whole bunch of folders, including the IFH folder.
B. Drag the "Data" and/or "Bin" folders that you unzipped and drop them on the "IFH" folder. You will most likely get a "The folder "IFH" already includes a folder named "Data", if the files you are adding are the same as the files in the folder, they will be overwritten. Do you still want to copy anyway?" --- to this, hit "yes"
C. If you get the same message for the "Bin" file, also hit "yes". Don't worry, nothing is actually being overwritten...well not if the mission creator did their job correctly (even if something is lost, you can always easily get it back).


if you see other folders...
A. These folders will be named things like "MISSIONS", "BACKS", "SKINS", "SOUND", etc. (they should be the same names as the ones in the "IFHData" folder). You should open your IFH folder and drag them on top of the "Data" folder. You will get the same message as above, just hit "yes".

if you see files...
A. You will have to open up the "Data" folder and add them into the correct locations yourself. Look in the folders that already exist and drag similar files to them. For example: if the zip file had a .map file, then you would drag it to the "MISSIONS" folder; if it has .ogg files, drag it to the "SOUNDS" folder; .str files would go to the "SCRIPTS" folder. Note that the most important file is the .map file that goes into the "MISSIONS" folder. Without it the mission will not show up.

4) once all files are in the correct place then launch the game and head over to the "Simulator". Click on the "Custom" tab. You should see the mission you just installed there. Highlight it and play. If you don't, you probably didn't put the .map folder in the "MISSIONS" folder. If it is there, and you still don't see the mission, you should first check to see you're running the most recent version of the game, and if you still don't see it, then you're probably in for a re-install. If that still doesn't help, put up a post for help on the forum.

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