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 • Posted July 2014

**Note the links in this thread are not currently updated***

This is a general FAQ, game specific questions will be in their appropriate forum sections. This FAQ is meant to be a supplement to the FAQ offered on the SDF main site.


Q: What is "Babylon 5: I've Found Her" project?
A: "Babylon 5: I've Found Her" (IFH) is a freeware space combat simulator game project developed by Space Dream Factory (SDF) and set in the universe of Babylon 5. Development of the game is taking place in stages. The first stage was the release of "Danger & Opportunity", the second stage will be the release of "Black Omegas". After that will be one or two more stages, leading up to the full "I've found her" main story release.

Q: What is Babylon 5?
A: Babylon 5 (B5) is an epic science fiction television series created, produced, and largely written by J. Michael Straczynski (JMS).

Q: Who is J. Michael Straczynski?
A: Joe Michael Straczynski (born July 17, 1954) is an award-winning American writer/producer of television series, novels, short stories, comic books, and radio dramas. He is also a playwright, journalist and author of a well-regarded tome on scriptwriting. He is most famous as the creator, executive producer and head writer for the science fiction TV series Babylon 5.

Q: What is Space Dream Factory?
A: Space Dream Factory is a developer of interactive entertainment software for personal computers. SDF was founded in 1998 by Oleg Petrov (IFH Project Leader) and is comprised of voluntary group of people scattered around the globe.

Q: What is freeware?
A: Freeware is a computer software which is distributed free via Internet by the author. Although it is available for free, the author retains the copyright, which means that it cannot be altered or sold.

Q: What is a space combat simulator?
A: Space combat simulator (SCS) refers to a space simulation computer game, the setting of which is for the most part, in outer space. Combat between space ships is usually a major element in these types of games. Many games of this type also include the elements of trade, exploration and building.

Q: What is "Babylon 5: I've Found Her - Danger and Opportunity"?
A: "Danger and Opportunity" (D&O) is a Prequel Campaign for "Babylon 5: I've Found Her" space combat simulator game containing 8 complete and fully playable missions (including 3 training missions) based on a stand-alone prologue storyline. Danger & Opportunity has since been "re-released" in the form of the "Skirmish Pack" which added tremendously to gameplay, and included Lan Multiplayer and mission building options, as well as the ability to create instant dogfight matches.

Q: Is "Danger and Opportunity" a demo version of "Babylon 5: I've Found Her" game?
A: No. A Demo version is a cut down system, usually lacking some features and functions of the final version. D&O, on the contrary, is a complete, all-sufficient short game. Think of it more of an expansion pack that came out before the final story.

Q: When does "Danger and Opportunity" game take place?
A: Prequel Campaign events take place in early 2254 and concentrate on its main character - Earthforce Commander Nikolai Shevchenko. D&O explains something very important about IFH history (e.g. why and how Alpha Squadron lost its former leader and why Commander Richard Kelly has taken his place). It also introduces 3 training missions taking place in 2242 and is focused around Shevchenko's years in Earthforce Academy.

Q: Are there other "updates" for D&O?
A: There is currently one update for D&O. Originally entitled "EA ship pack", this patch adds a bunch of new Earth Alliance ships for use in the game, as well as expanding the capabilities of current ships, and fixing some minor glitches. It is currently in the Beta testing stage, but is downloadable on the SDF main site, and in this forum. The next planned update will focus on Minbari ships. There is currently no fixed release date for this pack, and little information as to its contents.

Q: Where does game's title "Babylon 5: I've Found Her" come from?
A: The title comes from the last issue of DC's Babylon 5 comic - "In Valen's Name" (written by J. Michael Straczynski and Peter David). According to the comic, these were Valen's final words recorded by Babylon 4 station. The story of the game is set around this phrase. For more information on this subject, head on over to the SDF site story page.

Q: When does "Babylon 5: I've Found Her" game take place?
A: IFH project has highly detailed storyline intersecting with the events of the series. Major events of both D&O Prequel and IFH Main Campaigns take place in 2254.

Q: When will the game be released?
A: "Babylon 5: I've Found Her" Prequel Campaign entitled "Danger and Opportunity" was officially released on December 25, 2003. SDF has no fixed release dates for Black Omegas, or the IFH Main Campaign since the game is created on developers' own free time. It will be released "when it's done" (WID).

Why the Prequel stories?
First, it sets up the background of all the characters and conflicts in the main story. Second, it allows the players to enjoy the game now, while the developers simultaneously continue to develop, refine and enhance the game engine. It also allows for a continuous amount of playtesting.

Q: Is this "Babylon 5: Into the Fire"?
A: No.

Q: Is this game the attempt to resurrect "Babylon 5: Into the Fire" project?
A: No. Works on IFH began before Sierra's project "Babylon 5: Into the Fire" (ITF) was cancelled. Both games have nothing in common as far as storyline, game engine and data are concerned. However SDF strives to maintain contact with former ITF developers in order to keep IFH close to the series canon-wise. IFH does however share its engine with the commercially developed game "Homeplanet".

Q: What is "Homeplanet"?
A: < "Homeplanet" > (HP) is a commercial space combat simulator game developed by Moscow-based company < Revolt Games >. Both IFH and HP have been developed simultaneously and share the same game engine. Save this HP is completely different game set in its own (non-B5) universe. Original version of "Homeplanet" was released April 2003. HP add-on - "Homeplanet: Play with Fire" (PWF) featuring new storyline, heroes, space ships and long awaited LAN-based multiplayer mode - was released May 2004. Release of "Homeplanet Gold" is set for the second quarter of 2005. This collector's edition will contain both original HP and PWF add-on versions of the game and feature advanced rendering system, dynamic shadows, revised AI, new missions and more.

Q: What are SDF team's plans?
A: Team plans. Past and present.

- IFH: Danger and Opportunity (version 1.01) a.k.a. prequel campaign - released December 25, 2003;
- IFH: D&O Skirmish Pack (version 1.1) a.k.a. update - released November 29, 2005;
- December 2006 - EA Ship pack (update 1.12)
- Minbari ship pack - TBA
- Black Omegas - TBA
- "I've Found Her" (main campaign) - ...

Q: Does JMS know about this game?
A: He knows.

Q: I want to contribute, can I help?
A: Post your willingness and abilities on the forum. If there's a role you can fill, someone will be in contact with you.

Q: Can I support the game and/or link to it from my site?
A: Certainly, there are banners on the forum for just that purpose. However you should never mirror or post your own downlads of the game (distribute) without the permission of the SDF team.


Q: Will there be 3D cockpits for the fighters?
A: Yes, there are plans to implement 3D cockpits in game. Currently players have to deal with head-up display (HUD) only.

Q: Will it be possible to eject the fighter in case of critical damage?
A: Though Starfury has an ejectable cockpit in the series, this feature hasn't been implemented in-game.


Q: What are the game's system requirements?
A: To run IFH Prequel Campaign "Danger and Opportunity" on you PC you will require:

- Windows® System 98/ME/2000/XP OS
- 800 MHz or higher CPU
- 128 MB or more of RAM
- 3D graphics card supporting OpenGL
- Approx. 220 MB of available hard drive space

Mac port requirements:

- Intel-based Mac
- Mac OS X 10.4 or greater.

Q: For what platforms is the game available?
A: The game is available for PCs only. There are no plans to develop other versions of the game. There have however been reports of people running the game on Linux with a Windows emulator to varying degrees of success. This is not officially supported.

Update: There is now Mac OS X port available for beta testing HERE

Q: Does the game require a 3D accelerator?
A: Yes, the game requires a 3D graphics card supporting OpenGL.

Q: What graphics engine does the game use?
A: The game uses a custom-built graphics engine called FLYM. The engine is completely moddable: everything is scripted and can be easily changed.

Q: What are the Sigma Files?
A: According to an Executive Order issued by Major Rotane, all Department Sigma personnel are commanded to keep all the information concerning Department Sigma operations in secured data archives known as Sigma Files. In the D&O Prequel Campaign, Sigma Files are used as a password-protected database, which is accessed by the main character. There is also a special in-game database entitled Sigma files, that players can access once they know the password. In concept, you are accessing the same database that the main character accesses. The IFH Official Forums also have a special Sigma Files section - a place where D&O storyline, gameplay, walkthroughs and easter eggs are discussed. Originally it was password protected to prevent new players from reading something that might ruin the gameplay and story. Again, this is in theory yet another part of the same database. The cumulative effect is to tie the prequel's storyline, to the player, to the forum experience.

Q: What is the password for Sigma Files?
A: The password to access the Sigma Files (both the in-game database area and the secured forum) is revealed in the Prequel Campaign, after the player successfully completes the first campaign mission (not training). During a cutscene, we hear the D&O main character use it to access the files for his own purpose. If you miss it, you can replay that cutscene in "Skirmish Pack" without replaying the whole game. Note: password is lower case and has space between the words. You can see the proper spelling in the subtitles.

[update] Originally, the Sigma Files forum was password protected to prevent spoilers. In December of 2006 however, the forum server suffered a fatal tragedy, and needed to be rebuilt. Since the new forums have gone online, the sigma files section has been un-locked. At this moment, there is no need for a password on the forum.

Q: Will there be an update for IFH - D&O? When will it be released?
A: The update named "Skirmish Pack" has been released.

Q: Will the Skirmish mode be available?
A: It is available in "Skirmish Pack". Skirmish mode allows the player to set up quick fights with ships they choose, that is not part of the storyline.


NOTE: this is a quick peek at some of the most popular issues. A more comprehensive list of problems and solutions can be found in the Technical Support forum.

Q: I have a problem with the operation of the program, what do I do?
A: First, check the Unofficial Troubleshooting Guide post in the Technical Support forum. Chances are your problem has already been addressed. If you can't find an answer, post your question to the Technical Support forum. In most cases it is important to include your core_log.txt file from the IFH_directorybin.

Q: There's [insert your problem] wrong with the graphics.
A: Graphics not working is the major issue most players have. Most issues can be resolved by making sure you have updated your graphics card driver to the most recent version that is compatable with your card (This also applies to all other drivers like motherboard chipset). Don't use drivers that are older than IFH itself.

ATI TruForm only works on Radeon 8500 cards because it's the only one that has hardware support for it. Newer cards emulate it and it doesn't work correctly.

Q: What about cards not made by ATI or Nvidia?
A: IFH doesn't work correctly on Matrox graphic cards. Other cards may work to some limited degree. The SDF team does not have the resources to test on every brand of card. (if you want to help with this, consider donating a card).

Q: I have low fps even though my computer isn't very old/slow
A: If lowering details doesn't work try turning Motion Blur and/or Shadows off. Both of these attributes have a big effect on performance.


Q: Where can I get help with playing a certain part of the game?
A: Gameplay specific questions should be posted to Sigma Files.

Q: This game is way too hard. What's with that?
A: Really? Some players think it's way too easy.

Q: This game is way too easy. How come?
A: See the previous question.

Q: Why is the game so short?
A: Danger & Opportunity is a prequel to the main story. It is not meant to be epic.

Q: I've finished the game, what other options does IFH offer?
A: Exploring, skirmish, Lan Multiplayer, fan-made custom missions, create your own custom missions for others to play. Hang on the boards and help teach the "younger races", Spread the word.


- Trouble navigating in hyperspace? Navigating Hyperspace thread in Sigma Files.
- For general gameplay tips: < EA Topgun > from Sigma files. (this thread was lost when the last forum went down).
- Want to hunt all the easter eggs from game? Easter Eggs - thread. (this thread was also lost, but has been restarted and is being rebuilt).

Q: What happened to all that cool information that used to be on the old forum?
A: Consider it yet another victim of "the great burn" (watch episode "Deconstruction of Falling Stars"). Thanks to Gooogle's caching of old websites, some of what has been lost has been recovered. However since the Sigma Files was password protected, Google was unable to archive it. Anything in there is lost unless a player who had access had saved a copy of thread.

[size=4]PLACES TO VISIT[/size]

I've Found Her official website. You have probably been there already if you found your way in here.

Official FAQ page in IFH website. It contains some of the questions from this thread.

IFH IRC channel
Server: irc.ircworld.org
Channel: #IFH

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