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As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts.

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Your guide to what you may have missed.

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 • Posted July 2014

Easter Eggs: Your guide to what you may have missed.
Please DO NOT post spoilers here, just hints and clues....

1.) "If you go to...[static]...you will die..." "Hyperspace is a means two an end..." Kosh
Mission 3-3 - Z'Ha'dum
Alpha-Omega beacon

2.) "No ship has ever returned..." White Hyperspace "Hyperspace is a means two an end.." Kosh
Mission 3-3 - Vorlon space

3.) "The Papers on the Desk" "You can learn much with the knowledge at hand" Kosh
Campaign Intro - The papers on the desk
Info on "Moon Landing" on the desk

4.) "Hello from 1968" "With Knowledge, a pebble can be obscure on the top of a mountain" Kosh
Mission 1 - Moon Lander
Sheffer 477a

5.) "Raiding the Raiders" "The den alone lies before the gate" Kosh
Mission 5-1

6.) "Who's who / Delicious Cargo" "Look into others to see their true self" Kosh
First Training Mission & Others

7.) "IO Message" "The Stone lies between Jove and the snow-white heifer" Kosh
1st Training Mission

8.) "New Ship" "You will receive an Arrow OF Light when you have completed your quest" Kosh
Finish the game - XA-31

9.) "Radio Satellite" "Speak with the artifact closer to you than the snow-white heifer" Kosh
First Training Mission

10.) "Dragon & Company" "The first triangle of 3's image is only skin deep." Kosh
3rd Training Mission - Watch the 20's

11.) "Number 6" ????

Updated July 28, 2013
Download: B5:IFH Missions RTF

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