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Encounter at Beta Sedigitus

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 • Posted July 2014

Download: b5ifh_plyrmisn_ebs.zip

b5ifh_plyrmisn_EBS.zip (8.48M) (with all ships encluded)
Encounter at Beta Sedigitus

This mission is made for all 4 skill levels (Easy, Medium, Hard, and Ace).
If the current level is not for you, please change to a level more to Your ability.

Your Ship:
"Hound Dog 1" SA-23E sf_skin_Cerberus Team:"EA"

Primary Objectives:
Destroy Hostile Ships.

Secondary Objectives:
Scan Unknown ships.

Contact List:

;(5e,9m,10h,12a) = # of ships on each level
;(Easy Level 5 ships, Medium Level 9 ships, Hard Level 10 ships, Ace Level 12 ships)

*Team EA*Lime*
(6e,5m,4h,3a) "Hound Dog" SA-23E sf_skin_Cerberus
"Bracewell Probe" md_comsat
"Von Neumann Probe" md_comsat
(1) "Cerberus Colony" Ringstation
(1) "EAS Althea" olympus
(1) "EAS Prometheus" hyperion hcc_prometheus ( 38 )( 31567-HHD )
(1) "EAS Andromeda" Warlock v2.1
(6e,6m,6h,5a) "Styx" SA-23E Hade 2

(1) "EAS Hercules" omega ocg_heracles
(6e,6m,6h,5a) "Red Wolf" SA-23E Wolf

*Team Neutral*Teal*
(1) "Mesa Observatory" PIRATBAZA-2
(1) "LP 1" Landing Platform
(1) "CP 1" Caro Platform
(1) "LP 2" Landing Platform
(1) "LP 2" Caro Platform
(1) "Barnard's Star" ea_transport
"Jumpgate ECTO-1" narn_jumpgate
"Sumerian" asteroid01
"Hittite" asteroid02
"Mesopotamian" asteroid03

*Team Unknown*Cyan*Team Enemy*Purple/Violet/Magenta/Gold/Red*
(1) "E.P.S. Zuul" Bengal_MV_V2 Bengal_MV_B
(6e,8m,8h,8a) "Torb" RapierV2
(6e,8m,8h,8a) "Beta Terror Dog" RapierV2

(1) "E.P.S. Vinz Clortho" BBengal_WC1-V3_2 bcwc1-V3_skin_B
(6e,8m,8h,8a) "Sloar" dralthiV2
(6e,8m,8h,8a) "Alpha Terror Dog" dralthiV2

(1) "E.P.S. Gozer" Exeter_V2 Exeter_skin_B

Beta Sedigitus Asteroid field.

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