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Player Contributed ship models to use in Custom Missions

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The Faithful One
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 • Posted July 2014

(Information here Last Updated on July 23, 2014)

The files here that have been reformatted to fit the universal installation instructions are noted with "*Universal*

1)Download the zip file(s) for the ships you want.
2) Un-zip the files to your "IFH" folder (most likely "C:Program FilesIFH" on the PC). The files should drop into the appropriate folders. You may get a message warning you that files could be overwritten, clicking "Yes" will allow the model to display properly, however it may make another file appear incorrectly. There is no official support for these, so conflict resolutions are up to you.
3) To make these ships appear in the game, you must create a custom mission that incorporates them (see the custom mission scripting guide). They will not show up by default.
4) Run the game, select your pilot, and choose "Simulator". Then click on the "Custom" tab. The mission should appear in the list.
5) If you are experiencing problems using these models, please be sure you have the current version of IFH. You can also post questions in the appropriate thread for the model.[/color]

These Units were created by various players or have been converted from other modeling systems. They vary in quality. Some may contain bugs, or have limited functionality (one may not be flyable, another may not have individually targetable hardpoints, etc. Please free to rate and/or comment on them when you're done playing them.

Note that this thread showcases new ship classes only. There is also an extensive amount of skins available for ships already made. Check out the Files For Creating and Assistance thread.

EA Babylon 5 Space Station

Civilian Cargo Transporter [Link Pending]

EA Exploerer

Minbari/IA Liandra

EA Kestrel Atmospheric Shuttle
[Link Pending]

IA Ranger Cruiser

Minbari Sharlin

Soul Hunter [Link Pending]

Streib Collector Ship [Link Pending]

Drazi Sunhawk

IA Valen Cruiser

IA Valen Cruiser (v2)

IA Victory

EA Warlock

EA Warlock (v2.1) [Link Pending]

Vree Xorr War Saucer [Link Pending]

(Wing Commander) Bengal

Wing Commander Bengal (WC1)
Wing Commander Rapier

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